Thursday, July 5, 2012

So who is Ksuhurdler?

For those of you that may not know who he is, but that guy who was removed from xtube, and had been filming himself JACKING OFF in public areas (A PUBLIC MALL, A DRESSING ROOM, and PUBLIC RESTROOMS) has been outed, and probably soon to be arrested.

Turns out this video was taken in Cleveland Ohio inside the Galleria Mall. You can see the two people behind him in Cleveland Browns Jackets with his jeans at his ankles. The above site started mailing the owners of the mall to incite them pressing charges. They even figured from his screen name he may have gone to Kansas State University and was a former track star. (KSU Hurdler). A note to those thinking of screen names.

Hopefully he has not been arrested! We who have enjoyed so much his blatant public exposure. Be it hot! Be it wrong! It is amazing how people can love someone for their nerve/sexiness and then crack open a can of Haterade on the fly.
Cant have it both ways. But that's just my opinion.
If you know Ksuhurdler let us know hes ok and hasn't been arrested.


  1. KSU as in Kent State University, not Kansas.

  2. this man is BLAZING HOT - cum to Providence RI please so I can worship you!

  3. how is it that i did not encounter this man??? middle America ALWAYS produces sexual deviants like KSU Hurdler! it's NOT FAIR!!!

  4. I have downloaded his video's The mall, dressing room, rest room!!! This dude is awesome!!! btw I'm black...LOL That cum scene, get's me everytime!!! Nut just drippin from his dick!!! Ooooo!!!

  5. Anyone know where to find the video of him getting sucked off in a video store?

  6. HERE:

  7. I just think it's sad he can't share that magnificent body with the world. Shame.

  8. It seems he is Michael Anderson and is into IFBB pro bodybuilding/physique competitions now.